TCP Client and Server sockets

UDP Broadcasting Client and Broadcasting Server.

Auto-discovery of servers on LAN.

Value synchronisation across TCP sockets.


PC-only support for:
FFmpeg media streaming, mp3, webcams, mp4, mov, avi, etc..


Built-in .NET importers (on PC) for FreeType fonts.
Imported fonts can then be deployed to mobile devices in the ISE 3.0 native .NET font format.

Once imported into ISE 3.0 formats, no external APIs required for loading.


Built-in .NET importers (on PC) for:
.png, .bmp, .tga, .jpg,
Textures can be imported as a series of animation stills, as layers in a 3D texture, as mipmaps.

Once imported into ISE 3.0 formats, no external APIs required for loading.


Built-in native .NET support for:
No external APIs required, no conversion required.
Background thread for Audio Player
All mono (non-stereo) sound sources support fully animatable 3D positional audio.


Built-in native .NET importers for:
3DS   (Legacy 3D Studio Files)
OBJ   (Wavefront files)

Work in progress:

MS3D (Milkshape 3D)
ASE  (3D Studio MAX/Maya export format)

Importers have the option to generate normals if no normals are present, and apply smoothing groups to the normals.
Work is in progress on native ISE 3.0 geometry formats for improvements in loading speed.


Asset Management

  • All assets automatically create and release relevant resources
  • All assets have native .NET support built into ISE to avoid cross-platform format issues. Covert assets to ISE formats, run anywhere.
  • All assets (Textures, Audio, Geometry, etc..) can, using a simple asset name format, be accessible locally, embedded as a resource in a DLL or downloaded from a URL


  • Flexible Coordinate Systems
    Points, Vectors, Trajectories, Euler (position + angle), Matrix, Angles, and more…)
  • Automatic time management and time scaling across all Scene and Object animations.
  • Repeating, keyframeable tracks, using full bezier interpolations and automatic bezier control point adjustment, across all coordinate systems, colors, animatable values (strings, ints)
  • Built in animation helpers, with


  • Abstracted Rendering Service (OpenGL, OpenGLES implemented, XNA under development)
  • Camera -> Lens ->  Material -> Object rendering model
  • Dynamic Shader construction based on Material and Lighting definition, as well as active effects
  • Automatic selection of VAO/VBO/Draw Arrays/Display Lists/Immediate mode depending on hardware availability.

Scene Components

  • Frame Controls for cross-platform consistent dynamically positionable and themable User Interface elements.
  • Animated Particle Arrays for special effects
  • Scalable 3D geometric primitives (Sphere, Cylinder, etc..) using dynamic detail settings.
  • Colored Materials and Textured Materials
  • Automatic Lighting Management
  • Shadow Maps
  • Surfaces
    Render to texture or frame buffer. Dynamically adjust surface detail.