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    for Materials that require Textures, a Texture (once loaded) is assigned to a Layer, which is then added to a TexturedMaterial.

    The Layer decides some parameters of how the Texture is rendered, and which Material Component the texture renders into.

    A Component is a simple property of a Texture Layer, so changing component is easy.

    A Layer contains a Layer operator, which determines how multiple textures in the same component aggregate (plus, minus, average, etc..).

    It can also contain reference to any Effects that use the Layer.

    The Layer also references the UV multipliers and UVWX offsets for the Texture Coordinates, and also which Texture Coordinate set to use for the Texture.

    A special Blended function means that the specific layer is Alpha-blended first before it is combined with other layers.

    Intensity is a floating point multiplier on the Texture’s value.

    the Layer also contains instructions for Generating texture coordinates if required (i.e. for projected textures, for reflective textures, spherical reflections etc..)

    and an internal-use property for determining if this layer was used for a shadow map.

    There are to additional Layer-reference properties that use other layers to perform lookups into this layer, e.g. for a 2DArray or 3D texture Z lookup, see ArrayColorBlend, ArrayColorOffset, and Array Lookup for more details.

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    Setting up a projected texture:

    When creating the Layer, initialise the Layer with the Lens and the Model properties to determine the projection to use, and the constructor will automatically create the correct Generation, Generation Projection and Generation Model to project the texture to the specified Lens and Model (i.e. the camera lens and camera coordinates).

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