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    I’ve successfully got the Blank.Droid project compiled and deployed to my Tablet which is very exciting considering the ease at which I was able to do this using Visual Studio and Xamarin.

    Anyway, to my question at hand. As a general test, I created a model using the 3ds file format and added the model, just a simple cube to start with, to the Assets folder of the Blank.Droid project. The problem I am having is that when I try to load the model using the Geometry.Load method, I get an exception.

    I’ve traced this problem to the actual Xamarin System.Reflection.Assembly class because the ISE.Framework\Assets\Asset.cs class contains a static method ‘Open’ where the third parameter is an optional EmbeddedAssembly. This method is calling the Assembly.GetEntryAssembly method which always returns null. So the underlying Asset loading method cannot obtain any assets and throws the null exception.

    Obviously this is no fault of the ISE framework, but is there an easy work around that will allow me to embed models and textures, and load them within the Assets folder without having to rely on the reflection classes?

    Many thanks team.


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