Built-in native .NET importers for:
3DS   (Legacy 3D Studio Files)
OBJ   (Wavefront files)

Work in progress:

MS3D (Milkshape 3D)
ASE  (3D Studio MAX/Maya export format)

Importers have the option to generate normals if no normals are present, and apply smoothing groups to the normals.
Work is in progress on native ISE 3.0 geometry formats for improvements in loading speed.


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Comments (6)

  1. duc

    I’m having trouble loading some .obj files. Some obj file will load perfectly fine, but other doesn’t load at all. I tried to use Maya to export an obj file so I can test it with ISE and it doesn’t seem to load at all, while other obj files I found online seems to load perfectly fine. Could it be that Maya exporting the obj file differently? Thanks!

    • admin

      Not all OBJ exporters are created equally, the importer was tested against the 3D Studio OBJ export and the downloads from turboSquid, but not Maya, which may be exporting slightly differently. There have been issues with Blender-exported OBJ files and am applying fixes/workarounds for those. If convenient to do so, you may email me the obj file that isn’t loading (, and I can get the issue fixed over the next few days, it’s probably some simple alignment or naming issue.



  2. The ISE.Assets.ObjFile importer does not work with all kinds of cultures.
    E.g. I am german and we use a comma as decimal separator and a period to separate thousands 1.000,99 in english 1’000.99. To prevent this inconvient behavior you should specify CultureInfo.InvariantCulture as IFormatProvider at every number parsing (int.Parse(..), float.Parse(..), Convert.ToSingle(..).

    • admin

      Thanks for reporting this Tobias, we recently found this issue in some internal testing with spanish users, and the fix will be on GIT in the next few days. I will send you a message to let you know when it’s available.

    • admin

      The code fix for this has been published to the sourceforge GIT repository for ISE 3.0.

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