Textures will be required to be converted using the Icarus Design Studio Asset Manager for best performance and cross-platform compatibility.

ForĀ  PC (Linux, Windows, Mac):

.NET 2.0 or Mono 2.0 (or later)
OpenGL graphics card
OpenAL-compatible sound card

Visual Studio 2010 or later (express or professional) recommended for development.

Binaries developed with ISE 3.0 on Windows run without recompilation on Mac and Linux OSes that support the Mono 2.0 framework.


Also supports: MonoDevelop.

For Mobile (iOS or Android)

MonoTouch (for iOS Deployment)
MonoDroid (for Android Deployment)

For Development, projects developed and tested on Windows/Linux can be recompiled using MonoDevelop and MonoTouch/MonoDroid for deployment and testing on Mobile devices.